Being Sensitive…

Being Sensitive…

I am psychic. I have been for many years without even realizing it. I put down my different feelings at one stage to being over sensitive. For example, I really didn’t like crowds of people, (unless the entertainment sufficiently overrides this discomfort!). Being sensitive is just what it takes to be psychic, ie you are picking up signals from other people, your guides and angels. You are more sensitive to atmospheres than most and can ‘sus’ out a situation or a person pretty fast. There are the gifts of being sensitive. You also have a more direct line to your guidance than most people, which helps you be at the right place at the right time, taking advantage of Universal grace in your everyday life. A beautiful thing really.

A great way to help manage being a sensitive is regular meditation. This helps clear you and your aura of anything you may have picked up in your daily wanderings both from yourself or other people. It is also a great ways to open up your life to Divine wisdom.

Being sensitive helps you be aware of the Universal oneness of all. It helps Divine synchronicties happen more often to you because you are aware of and pay attention to your guidance, as you know what it is and where possible may even follow it! Being sensitive and aware allows you to get messages from every day life, from the clouds in the sky to an animal that appears out of the blue in your life. Being sensitive allows you to pay more attention to everyday life and its nuances. Being sensitive allows you to know that there is more to life than meets the eye.

While being sensitive seems like at first there are a lot of drawbacks, it really is a gift from God to grace your life with knowing, wisdom and insight.

Have a great day.



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