Raising Your Vibrations

Raising your vibrations means doing, thinking and exposing yourself to higher vibrational stimuli (or situations). Vibrations are like your spiritual energy vibration, the more positive and loving and life-affirming things and people you expose yourself to, the more high your vibration will become.  The better you will feel, the more positive life-situations and people you will attract in turn.

Our society is so full of low vibrational behaviours, language, images and news stories that it has become, almost normal to have a daily dose of horror every time you turn on the TV news. It is not normal to do this, it is abnormal for a well-functioning society to expect to see the very worst things that have happened in the far corners of the world and expect good to come from it. Many people watch the news for entertainment, not really realizing that they are contributing to something that they may not want to produce more of (via the law of attraction).

Our energetic bodies are very sensitive and pick up negativity from watching, bad news on TV for example. It is not only low vibrational behaviours but also watching the TV news will increase more negativity in the world because you are feeding it by virtue of your own attention. We are that powerful as human beings, so it honors not only you but others by turning the news (or the ‘bads’) off, and sending all the people and situations in it love and light.

Other low-vibrational things to do less of are:

  • Reading low vibrational gossip rags
  • Gossiping
  • Swearing ( sometimes these come out without you being able to help it! he, he)
  • Bad-mouthing yourself or others
  • Reading negative newspaper stories
  • Listening to music that is loud discordant and makes you feel bad
  • Ignoring your feelings
  • Eating junk food
  • Spending too much time indoors
  • Not drinking enough fresh water
  • Feeding addictions
  • Being at the computer screen too long
  • Watching movies that make you feel bad
  • Spending time with people who you dislike
  • Being dishonest
  • Doing anything that does not ‘feel’ right to you
  • Being pessimistic
  • Using too many chemical cleansers

High vibrational things on the other hand are fun, joyful and life-affirming. They honour both you, the earth and others simultaneously. They feed your soul with beauty love and joy. They add to your life instead of taking away from it. These things are fun and more often than not free. Going out in the fresh air on a regular basis for example will allow Mother Nature and the nature angels to cleanse you of any negativity or dullness, you have had from being apart from nature too long.

Eating Organic fresh fruit and vegetables, seeds and nuts are also high vibrational activities to helps your body to run at its optimal best. Listening to beautiful music, viewing art that you love, listening to the song of the birds in nature. A lot of these things are common sense, and many people do these things instinctively anyway because they are already listening to their hearts wise guidance.

Some examples of high-vibrational activities are:

  • Going outside on a regular basis
  • Sitting or walking on lawn with your shoes off
  • Reading inspirational writing
  • listening to beautiful music
  • Watching positive TV shows, movies and media
  • Listening to your feelings and following them
  • Spending time with people your love
  • Patting a pet
  • Hugging
  • Having a sea salt bath
  • Gardening
  • Any sort of art, craft or creative project
  • Using positive language when you describe yourself or others
  • Thinking happy thoughts
  • Being optimistic
  • Eating organic food
  • Honouring yourself

    When viewed in these terms it is easy to start to follow your own feelings that will lead you to a more joyful high-vibrational version of you.

    When you are following what your soul most wants you to do in any given moment, your heart will start to sing!

    It will ring with the happiness that it’s sweet advice was heard and responded to. You will be living a life that is heart lead which is a beautiful and grace-filled place to be. 

    – Sarah Rajkotwala writer and spiritual teacher

    Words and photo by Sarah Rajkotwala – writer & spiritual teacher at @Love In Action and Petals & Buds Spiritual Teaching and Nature Classes
    Weekly Spiritual Development classes:
    at Hansborough South Australia (Wed or Sat mornings for 2 hours).

    2018 Spiritual Workshops:
    Petals & Buds New Seasons 3 hour Spiritual Workshops:
    – How to talk to the Plants and Fairies in your garden
    – All About Angels and how to use them in your life
    – Signs in nature and your life and how to interpret them
    – The Law of Attraction in Action
    – How to use Angel Cards for guidance and reassurance
    – Using Love as a Spiritual Tool to Change your life

    My Fairy Book ‘The Year of Talking to Plants’ : https://www.createspace.com/6469455
    and it is also available on Amazon :

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi ya Sarah !!

    Recently I began meditating while listening to 432 Hz OM Matra meditations on You-Tube.

    OH !! boy, what a difference.

    I’m spacing off right now.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah Rajkotwala - writer & spiritual teacher says:

      OOh that sounds great Sandy! It’s a fine thing when you have a really good meditate. It puts you in a higher place! Which it sounds like you’ve found. he, he. A natural high, where the only side effects are love and joy. Win win 😉 xx


  2. Lovely, and full of good tips and reminders that make a difference we feel. Thanks for stopping by Sophia’s Children, too. xo Jamie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sarah Rajkotwala - writer & spiritual teacher says:

      Thanks love ❤ Great page! xx


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