Acceptance – The Doorway To Peace


Acceptance means accepting even what is not alright in your life by its apparent ‘wrongness’. Appearances can be deceiving, even wrong things or situations or troublesome people have lessons to give you. Sweet gifts that only they were qualified to do. You collect the gift by first accepting the situation as it is, how it stands; accepting all its ‘isness’. Accept all its apparent ugliness and its faults and its wrongness for you. Once you come from a position of strength via acceptance you are in a very strong position to change things for the positive. However up until you accept it, as it stands, even if the reality seems grim, you will have difficulty making any changes and releasing its hold on you.

Even an illness comes bearing gifts. Illness is never illness; it is always your body telling you where you have been mistaken in your thoughts or actions. It is sometimes a means for the body to give itself a much needed rest or even a punctuation point in your life as a positive turning point where you will start moving into a whole new positive set of conditions. Accept an illness as it is, hating it will only keep it with you, or have it linger. Loving it or at least accepting it’s ‘isness’ will free you to enjoy your life anyway, now.

Acceptance feels good. This is because it frees you of any ties that you had to negative people or situations. By accepting your enemies in all their ‘isness’ you do yourself and them a favour. You release judgments as to how they should be and accept them as they are, warts and all. All people are at the level that they need to be in order to learn the lessons that will be gained at that step. When they have learnt the lessons for themselves, they will be able to move on, not before. You can’t force a person to see their lessons, even if they might be plain for you to see. That is why they are here in order to learn in their own way in their own time. If someone wants to keep hurting themselves by their actions or thoughts then that is their business. At least by accepting them as they are and sending them love and light you will make it a little easier for them to ‘see the light’ when their time comes and not before.

The act of accepting the ‘isness’ of things is not a way of condoning bad acts, but a way of coming to peace with a situation, even a seemingly imperfect one. The act of accepting the ‘isness’ of things is a deeply peaceful act. It feels good because it is freeing and releasing of all the egos rules and conditions for how it thinks things ought to be. You may like things a certain way but if they are not, the best way to change it is by accepting where you are and what you now have, in its entirety. Acceptance is akin to the getting of wisdom. You will find once you start accepting that the weather might be inclement today, a dictator might be in charge of a country right now, but tomorrow is a new day. Acceptance helps things to change both for yourself and for others. Things are how they are, people are how they are, when they decide they want to change, then they will.

Find the hidden blessings in every situation be it ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and you will garnish the wisdom and the beauty that life beholds for you. By trying not to judge situations or people as good or bad etc you free yourself up to create more peace and love.

Judging things can hamper your good from coming to you. Releasing judgments frees you.

As you accept things, situations or people just as they are, a deep sense of peace comes over you. There is nothing you need, or are compelled to do in this moment besides accept and maybe even love the situation, to bring about possible improvements and even release from a situation that you don’t find to your liking. Fighting things, situations or people uses energy and creates more struggles and negativity for you to deal with. Struggle creates more struggle. Remember we are always creators of our own realities. You have to love something or at the very least accept it in order to release it from your life. The energy of struggle, hatred, and discomfort just sets you up for more of the same. Acceptance, peacefulness, grace, goodwill and looking at the positive aspects of a situation or person will bring those good things and more of the same to the fore. If you want more struggle in your life keep on struggling. If you want unhappiness, be unhappy. If you want peacefulness, calmness, centeredness and love, then that is how you need to be in order to create the mirror of them in your life.

Sometimes we must be peaceful in order to prevail above an uncomfortable situation, to rise above it. Peacefulness begets more peacefulness. How do you do this? There are many routes to the same destination. You could try mindfulness, positive thinking, positive affirmations, creative visualization, meditation, yoga, tai chi, any relaxation techniques, any number or a combination of some of these will bring about a peaceful or semi-peaceful state for even just a moment or half an hour can provide benefits right through your day or even the next few weeks.

Never underestimate the power of a peaceful state, it may seem still and passive but it is a dynamic God-given state that is there to be used as a tool to spread love and peacefulness right throughout your life. It is free, simple and available to everyone.

Even the mere thought of peacefulness or the intention of bringing peacefulness and acceptance to a situation can bring about that result. Just by thinking peaceful and forgiving thoughts can bring those qualities to a situation or relationship etc. It is so simple, yet not practiced enough because people are unaware of their own Divine toolbox.

Peacefulness is powerful. Besides love it is one of your most powerful yet still states to be in. The stillness of mind and body begets the power. It is indeed the meek who will inherit the earth. Peacefulness forgets resistance and instead a holy acceptance and calmness overcomes both you and the situation once you decide that is how you will be. People and situations are how they are – love their ‘isness’. There is great peace in this stance.

You can’t change them but you can transform yourself which in turn changes everything around you.

Peacefulness is transformational. If in a situation you instead decide to enjoy yourself and be happy despite what is going on around you. Happiness creates a peaceful state in the psyche. It also creates more things for you to be happy about around you. Plus what could be more fun than that, tackle your foes and fears with fun? Confuse them with delight. They may just decide to follow your example; once they see what fun you are having co-creating a more joyful reality for yourself.

It is through acceptance that you access your highest reality. Without it you could miss the doorway to your highest and best life.

You don’t have to like a situation or a person but at least you can accept it/them. There are some situations by their very nature are uncomfortable like an illness, you may not be able to love it but at least you can accept it. You can try being peaceful with a situation to begin with but if you have not first accepted it, the peacefulness is not comfortable. The same with loving something or someone but not accepting it/them first, it doesn’t sit well until you have accepted its/their ‘isness’ in its entirety, warts and all. You don’t have to like a problem or even to love it to access its highest resolution but you need to at least accept it. This then opens the doors to peacefulness and love and all good things.


– Sarah Rajkotwala writer and spiritual teacher
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