What’s that sound? It’s the sound of things falling together!

What’s that sound? It’s the sound of things falling together!

So many times we hear about people using the phrase of things falling apart. I thought it’s about time for its opposite to be talked about a little. What about when in your life when things start falling together?

Now as a metaphysics teacher I know that this must have been brought about by a positive change in you. Or many positive changes that have resulted in an improvement in every aspect of your life. They may feel their luck has changed. However it is many times just the person who has changed their attitudes and way of being in such a way that they have been the good harbinger of change in their own life.

Be your own harbinger of good

You can keep on being a reactor in your life reacting to this situation or person or that, or you can take charge of your life and start trickling in these positive changes independent of what is going on in your life. Which in return, trickles them into positive outcomes into every aspect your life.

Top ways of turning around your life and situations in your life for the better:

Acceptance – accepting the present and the past for what it is, then moving on from it
Peace – As you allow yourself to be at peace, positive solutions will then make themselves known to you.
Faith – faith in a positive outcome is a powerful thing
Joy – Spend time thinking about and doing things you most enjoy, to have this healing salve work its blessings into every area of your life, such is its high creative vibration of joy. Just spend time choosing to be joyful for no reason, this in itself is very healing and uplifting to your life.
Positive thinking – more important than most people realize
Positive Talking – Use only positive words to describe you and your life and watch the blessings multiply.
Positive affirmations and self talk – Spread blessings into your life by thinking good of you.

Blessings to you all. Sarah

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