Article – When you are spiritually asleep

When you are spiritually asleep you live in a world with all the other asleep people. They all believe in roughly the same realities, they buy into all the social statuses that the asleep world thinks are important. These people think these things are the most important things in their lives: the sorts of car they drive and how new it is, social status of every sort, high or low class, what you look like and the clothes you wear, rich and poor, educated versus uneducated. If you do not measure up in any of these areas that they think are important they think most likely think you are less-than, but in fact it is those who are still asleep that live in a world of suffering. They use these glittering prizes as their ‘false Gods’, but when they are finally attained they have a hollow victory. Theirs is the victory of the ego over the spirit, it seems like they have everything that they could want but still happiness and contentment eludes them.

If a victory is not heart-led it is not a victory, it may be a loss a parading in disguise.

One can still be spiritually asleep within a religion, within the high echelons of power, when one is very wealthy, when one has the best job, when one has the highest traditional education. None of these things count towards enlightenment and soul awakening. In fact in some cases they could be detrimental, because they falsely let the subjects think that they have already achieved everything there is to achieve. However you can be spiritually enlightened and all of these things, in which case the higher wisdom will enhance your experience of these things and create many blessings for all involved.

When one is spiritually asleep you do not know you are asleep. It is only when you wake up that you realize how asleep you were.

Your spiritual awakening is part driven by you your personality and part driven by your higher God self. When your personality is ready to start awakening your soul allows it to proceed further. Awakening most often is done at a slow and steady pace of many yeas, even decades allowing your personality to keep a pace with the changes and adjust accordingly. This is something that is done by yourself. There are no prizes for being fast or slow, their is no prize at the end but your most glittering prize is the awakened you that is born into the normal world with no fanfare nor recognition. It is like a rebirth of sorts. It is often accompanied by many life changes so that the person’s life is in alignment with who the soul really is and what their life path truly is.

Enlightenment is a release of sorts because one does not feel the need to follow the Jones’s anymore in the race to materialism and attainment of everything at all costs.

When one is spiritually awakened you use joy as your guide. You heart is your friend and your feelings guide you to where you need to be next.

It is not comfortable for very asleep people to be near spiritually awakened people. Your high vibrations are challenging them to wake up and if they are resisting this they will not like that feeling. They will feel challenged by you but they don’t know why. They will feel you are different but they don’t know why. They know you don’t buy into their world of ‘false Gods’ and attainment, but they cant grasp why.

The ego resists soul awakening because it will lose its power and hold on you. The ego is not you.

Your presence to awakening people however is comforting and inspirational and energetically helps them on their way. They will feel expanded and free and they like it. Your very presence inspires and uplifts them.

There is no time-line to waking up. You do it if and when you are ready at your own sacred pace.

The prizes are soul prizes of higher wisdom, peace, happiness, joy and love. A sense of true soul’s purpose, freedom and excitement. You are born into a world of love, meaning and purpose.

How does one start on the quest towards awakening? Start asking the higher spiritual questions. Start reading books from the metaphysical section of the bookstore or library, use your feelings to guide you to the best books for you. Meditation will also help you attain higher knowledge and keep a smile on your dial.

Enjoy being you. Enjoy your life. Seek your joy, it will guide your true.


– Sarah Rajkotwala writer and spiritual teacher

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  1. smilecalm says:

    gently encouraging
    wake up call 🙂

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    1. Sarah Rajkotwala - writer & spiritual teacher says:

      Thank you for your kind words ❤


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