Downloading Heaven

Heaven isn’t really in another place; heaven is here, heaven and all its qualities are a part of our existence as are apples and strawberry jam. It’s just a matter of recognizing heaven’s (or the higher spiritual realms) qualities; bringing more of these into your daily existence.

Heaven’s qualities aren’t any secret. They are well known to all of us. Our higher selves and guidance give us brilliant ideas all the time. It is just a matter of whether you acknowledge them, take them on-board and practice them in your daily life. Heaven’s qualities are all based on love. If in doubt about anything always practice love in all its forms (patience, acceptance, kindness, stillness, presence, joy etc) and you will always be on the right course.

Heaven is only a thought away.

Even of someone annoys or irritates you; say a work colleague, partner or a person in the next car on the road. If you pretend you love them, then think of what your response would be if you loved them, then this will add the holy element to love and compassion to all your public dealings. Situations that otherwise may have turned out not so elegantly will automatically heal and take on a more positive course when you act as though you really loved them. What would love do?

This also applies to your nearest and dearest when they are showing you their unlovable bits, it is easy in that moment to forget your love for them and to have your love conditional on them behaving well and treating you how you would like. In that moment with them behaving in a way you don’t like, send them love and light, and only see the love and light of God in them. Then gracefully exit the situation with as loving a words as you can muster.

This has a way of diffusing even a confronting situation and helping them resolve themselves in the highest possible way. You are assisted in calming down and moving to a more peaceful stance; paving the way for a win-win resolution to the dispute. In this way you really are allowing God to help heal the situation and to bring forth ‘miracles’ to solve even things that seem unsolvable at the time. Forgive them in your mind, this also helps to resolve a situations and all those involved and helps prevent a recurrence of hostilities, also forgive yourself for your part in the dispute.

Win-win situations

Win-win solutions to problems are another way heavenly solutions appear in our lives. This will start to occur more frequently all around the world, where even seemingly intractable problems break-down and solutions are brought forth, for every side of the conflict. Instead of there being victors and the vanquished in disputes and conflicts, you will see situations resolving themselves in new ways where neither side loses and both partners win in a confluence of synchronicity.

Within every problem there is a win-win solution, that can come about with Heaven’s and your help. Win-win situations allow the light of God to bless all of your interactions; they allow for the possibility that in the game of life we are all winners no matter who we are or what we do. In heaven there are no polar opposites like we have here on earth. However, as we download ideas from heaven we bring to everything a more even middle-ground where there is comfort, stability, assistance and love and fairness for all.


Surrender tricky situations to God/the Universe and then stop worrying about them; you have just allowed for a Divine answer and assistance to your problem to occur. We reach upwards and Heaven reaches downwards creating heaven on earth for those that dare to ask and follow heavens promptings; which are all based on love. Look out for miraculous shifts in the situation and solutions to occur in an effortless way. You can pray for guidance about a situation then watch out for bright loving ideas in your own mind or wise words heard synchronistically from others or advice from a book or a sing to appear at just the right time, they are sure to be ideas from heaven.

The Present Moment

Another holy state to live in is the present moment. It is a full-bodied experience of the current moment in all its beauty and glory. When you are fully present you are at your most powerful, you are neither worrying about the past that has gone or the future that doesn’t exist, you are fully open and present to the only point that exists, now.

The present moment is your point of power where what you think and feel and believe now, you will create as future moments. The higher and better you experience the now and with more peacefulness, calmness and acceptance, the more peaceful and calm moments will be brought to you in the future. If you struggle in the now, you will create more struggle experiences in your future. So in order find some peace in your present life, the best way is to accept things as they stand. This gives a peaceful feeling and a feeling of freedom that you don’t need to judge anything at all; adding peace to all your interactions and a joy to your life. When you consciously spend time enjoying the present moment for all that it is, you don’t worry or fret you just accept all that is in all its ‘isness’.

You don’t worry about what it’s not or what will be in the future you accept now as the only moment that exists and you live it fully and presently. Life takes on new colours when you accept what is and fully enjoy all that is without putting conditions on it. Like ‘I should be taller, thinner, smarter, richer or ‘they should be kinder, nicer, pay more attention to me’ etc All that is thrown overboard in full acceptance of now for what it is. In the next moment there will be an opportunity to change something if it is not right for you but for now if you fully accept it and have unconditional joy for it as it is. This brings untold magic to your interactions and life as sure a night follows day.

If you put joy in, you get joy out of your life. Joyful experiences are drawn to you like a moth to a light. It is a relief to know that you don’t have to change anything to experience joy and acceptance and you don’t need to change anyone else or your life. Accept what is until what is isn’t. Then in the new now you can accept what comes to pass in the new sets of conditions and circumstances.


Heaven is beauty. All beautiful words, actions and deeds originate from heaven and can be accessed via the human heart. If something inspires you or you have the inspiration to paint a beautiful painting, plant a beautiful garden or say beautiful words to your loved ones, these things are all inspired by heaven. All arts, crafts and creative acts and endeavor from inventions in science to photography and designing anything draws inspiration and impetus from our heavenly higher selves; the parts of us that are constantly in contact with God. A beautiful painting or dress, or piece of architecture, things that make us feel good inside that inspire us to be greater that make great leaps into beauty and art and invention are all heavens handiwork.

Beauty is here for our pleasure and betterment, it is to reminds us of heaven and to enable us to create a heaven on earth, be they a little piece of needlework to designing a big beautiful municipal building.

The act of making beautiful things and also the act of beauty appreciation are all holy states that give us great pleasure and release in both the manufacture and living with beautiful creations. They make us feel good, because they raise our vibrations. As we raise our vibrations we start to attract more and more beauty and beautiful acts to us.

A child might give you a drawing they made or a beloved rose bush might put on a beautiful flush of flowers. The sunset this evening might be particularly beautiful and awe-inspiring. As you notice more beauty in your life, so too will beauty be drawn to you like a magnet. Be a creator of beauty, try to speak only kind and loving and inspiring words, read only beautiful books and watch only beautiful and inspiring programs on TV. Plant a beautiful garden just for the sake of it, pick some flowers for your house just for the beauty of the fragrance which will in turn raise the vibrations of all the people in your house. Keep only possessions you love around you, discard that which is ugly to you, or of no more use or that which you dislike. Having things around you that you dislike lowers your vibrations.

Mine for Beauty in others

Mine for beauty in others, even the ugliest garden has a small wildflower that grows in the cracks of the concrete. So too does even an aggressive and hurting person need your love and beautiful thoughts the most.

Look past their hurt and their negative words, look into their heart and pay attention to the warmth and beauty that resides in there. Know that every person has some redeeming qualities; it is up to us beauty-miners to mine for the beauty that resides even in the coldest of personalities. You don’t have to live with them, or even be friends with them, but as you pass them in the street or hand over money to them in the shop see their beauty and their beauty will come forward for the next person to see too. As you bring forth people’s holy and sacred higher qualities you make it more and more possible for them to bring these qualities to the fore and thus attracting brighter and happier life situations for them.

Each act of beauty goes towards the greater pool of love and efforts of all people who like to create a heaven on earth. Those who like to paint a greater picture of life than what they were born with. No act of beauty goes unrewarded and unrecognized or is wasted, the act of making the earth a greater place with one thought, one word or one action at a time makes heaven available for all, one step at a time.


Thing are how they are. People are how they are. By accepting the isness of your current situation you do not add the energy of struggle that constantly opposing things extends into your life. All things are how they are and when they aren’t’ then they are something else. By accepting things as a default rather than an exception you will bring more balance and peace into your life and into the lives of others. So your garden may be full of weeds, love its weedy abundance if you can, if not just accept that you haven’t been able to go out and weed it for very good reasons. In time you will be able to tackle them, but for now love it’s ‘iness’, love how things are in all their imperfection and ugliness. Everything has a sacred reason for being like it is even if sometimes you cannot fathom why yourself. Send love and light to problems or situations around the world and accept them too.

There is often a beauty inside the ugliness, a germ of a solution inside a problem.

Acceptance brings great peace and serenity and release when you realize there is no need to change anything at this moment. There is no reason to stand in discomfort or judgment about others or situations. Each situation and person calls upon you to accept them warts and all. They are how they are. Send them love and light and move on. When things and people are ready to change they will, then you have the opportunity to accept that too, no strings attached.



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