Don’t be Afraid It’s Just the Rise of Christ (Love)Consciousness


Don’t be Afraid It’s Just the Rise of Christ (Love) Consciousness


Many of you readers might feel it, you might already have a close understanding of what I am about to talk about. We are in the throes of embracing a Golden New Love Age that will sweep all before and behind it with the love and light of God. Old problem situations will simply dissipate into harmony or new win-win solutions will appear that will be able to be applied in a practical, loving and fair manner

It Comes from God but is Arrives Through Us

The New Love Age is being birthed through each and every one of us. First the spiritually ‘awakened’ people will be the way-showers, these old souls who have incarnated many times before and have much spiritual and life-skills under their belts, who are able to lead us into the birth of the New Age. Then will come successive waves of people who inspired and uplifted by those who came before them, buoyed up by their love, they too will awaken to the love and the wonderful symmetry of life and will learn new spiritual ways of solving old world problems. These people will awaken to love and spiritual wisdom.

Our God-Like Powers of Creation

We are very lucky to be living on earth on such a special and sacred time. We are for the first time awakening to our own God-consciousness while we are still alive in a body, as opposed to when we go back to the spiritual realms. Those who have already chosen love consciousness over fear consciousness will already know how this changes everything in your life for the better. You will no longer rely on old ways of getting wealthy, your daily needs met or to draw loving relationships to you. You will have found a better way. You will have found a way to live and ride in a state of grace, where there are no wants, only needs supplied. Where in the future a person will not need to work super-hard (unless this gives him or her joy) for what he wants, he can just imagine what he needs and focus on it with enough joy and faith that he can draw what he wants miraculously to him. The Universe has very inventive ways of giving you what you ask for and when you discover this rich wealth of possibility, you start to have a lot of fun playing with it in scared dance of creation.

Put on Your Love-Glasses

If you see things that make you feel sad or frightened put on your God-glasses where love reigns supreme and only win-win solutions are found. See and look for the harmony in inharmonious situations. See the love and light of God within people who may not be showing any loving qualities at the present. Look away from too much negativity (as what you focus on you will tend to create), pay attention instead to the things and people in your life you love. Know that your life is and always will be governed by love, you just have to focus on it to create more of it.

Love can challenge those who do not use much of it in their daily lives

There are more loving and caring and people holding this Love Consciousness than before. However, the rise of so much love and enlightenment en-masse is like a big light globe turning on and sometimes creates that opposite to arise too from those that are still living in an in unawakened state in their worlds of hardship and toil. It is not hate that has caused some people to vote in unloving leaders, it is love that has caused it. They do not understand this feelings of the New Love Age, so they revert to their own dark comforts of protectionism and small-minded thinking. Some people who are still living in an unawakened state are actually challenged subconsciously by the awakened people’s love and their ease of life and their happy and free-thinking attitudes. There may be a seeming backlash of the old fear-based ideologies trying to peddle the same old fear-consciousness and exclusion, but it is the cries of the Old World of fear consciousness, the last hurrah before they too are swept away with the love or they will choose leave. They may parade to be of God but the only movements of God are those based in love and inclusion. There is enough land, and knowledge and wealth for all, whatever you need will be supplied to you. You just need to learn how to ask God/the Universe and to walk in the consciences of Love.

Ignore the bad news, it’s not reflecting the true reality of what is happening

So you may look at the news and think if I am feeling so loving why is all this going on in the world? You have to ignore the news headlines, and send them all love and light and keep looking for the love. Then by virtue of your attention you will create it in your life and this love will radiate out from you in ever- increasing circles. This is not putting yourself in a bubble, you are each and every one of you powerful creators, you are not making a bubble around yourself but your own bubble of love, your life lived well has the power to effect all of creation. Pay attention to what is going right and doing well in your life and the world. Your attention on the good stuff will automatically fix what is not working by virtue of your raised vibrations.

What’s happening with the weather? Mother Earth clearing the decks, making way for the New Age

This great rise of love will affect all around it, it will affect other people both close and distant, it will affect Mother Earth who has been eagerly waiting for this time. She will joyfully respond to our mass rise in love consciousness, by gradually clearing the decks for us with the help of the cleansing element of water, wind, fire and earth shaking. This is to clear out all the old energy from thousands of years of human habitation (clearing old war grounds, place where there has been lots of human stress and toil, this needs to be cleared by the sacred hand of water which has the power to clear past negativity to wipe the slate clean for us), to make way for the new rise of Love Consciousness in all. Be not afraid of the seeming negative things that happen there may be hidden blessing, they might not be as they first appear. This is not punishment, for love has caused it. Theses earth changes are designed to be as gentle as possible for all concerned. This is not the end of the world but the birth of a new one. Try to be as joyful as you can through storms, flooding and blackouts. Your joy will keep the interruption to your normal lives at a minimum and will bless the situation with your love.

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  1. Soul Gifts says:

    You’re so right, it is best to focus on love and the positive as we ride the waves of change.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Rajkotwala - writer & spiritual teacher says:

    Yes I agree, apart from it attracting more good to you, it really is more fun! 😉 xx


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