The Smiling Tree….

The Smiling Tree….

I noticed this a couple of weeks ago. I happened to catch sight of it when I looked through a house window when closing a blind for the night. There on the hill before me was a tree that looked as though it had a face on it, smiling at me! I went outside an looked at it from the same angle outside and sure enough I still saw the face! It is much more noticeable in he evenings when the sun has dimmed somewhat and the tree is silhouetted against the grey sky.

DSC04394 - Copy

I have planted all the trees on this hillside but this tree in particular stands out because I actually grew that tree from seed. The tree grew vigorously and strongly and has lovely glossy leaves and lovely smooth salmon bark. So I often appreciate this tree in particular, when I walk up the hill.

I asked the tree :

“Hi, gum tree is it deliberate the smiling face I can see in your canopy?”

“Yes of course, I wondered why it took you so long to notice me. I have designed my branches especially to make a smile for you to see. Do you like it?”

“Yes it do! Thank you very much!”<3

– Sarah


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