Intuition – Your own Heavenly Advice Bureau

We are never alone in this world we are constantly Surrounded by your angels and guides and this is all lovingly presided over by our higher God-self. Not only are we not alone but we are continuously guided as to the right course of action to take by way of our intuition.

Soul Navigation

Our intuition is often heavenly advice from our guides, angels, spirit helpers and above all our higher selves. That is why it is called in-tuition, we each have our own private source of information advice and forewarning that is linked up to God or All There Is. The only problem in this beautiful equation is that most of us are blissfully unaware of our own in-built teaching and advice station! Not only are we most of the time ignoring our own tailor-made advice and wise counsel but many of us have never even known of its existence. How can you pay attention and heed something that you don’t know that exists? They give it, if you choose to ignore it they also accept that too, such is life in a planet of free-will.

Messages outside of us

We get these secret whispers and promptings, feelings and ideas all the time. That is what intuition is. It is not normally dramatic advice. It is often common-place advice on everyday situations. That is why it can often be overlooked, most of it is normal common sense. However this advice is so useful and comforting, that once you gain access to it, you will wonder how you did without it. This advice is always the highest and best advice tailor-made for you and your own skills and loves.

Sometimes you get intuitions or psychic visions in the form of ideas about future events, maybe in answer to any questions you have asked heavenward. Your questions to God and the universe are always answered one way or the other. Sometimes it may come in symbols, through the words of others, coincidences, through the words of a song or by the symbolic appearance of an animal in your life. Even the shapes in the clouds or an amazing rainbow or the sudden appearance of an unusual bird or butterfly are all ways that heaven can give you messages. Don’t simply dismiss unusual events or words as coincidences, there is no such thing as coincidences. The entire world is a conscious part of God so there is no reason why God would not use one of any multitude of ways to get a message across to you.

Once you start paying attention to the world; really observing what is going on around you, you will find so many joyful instances of how you are indeed known and loved by God and all your helpers and protectors. You will also come to know how dearly loved you are.

We receive many pieces of advice and guidance intuitively but if you’re not open to it or prone to missing it, then lookout also for heavenly messages produced in other miraculous and creative ways in the outside world. Heaven is persistent even if you are not.

Living life without fore-knowledge of what next move may be potentially successful or cause you strife is like living life with our hands tied behind our backs. It is human civilizations gigantic next step forward to all acknowledge and learn to identify and follow our own heavenly advice bureau!

It is so simple and straightforward to follow your heavenly advice and it is an unlimited resource there, for all to use. Why would you not want to use it?

How does intuition work?

So how does intuition work and how can you tell an intuitive thought from your normal stream of daily thoughts, dreams and imaginings? Intuition can come in the form of an idea, a hunch, a feeling, a vision or a series of visions or more likely a repetitive vision of the same thing. Heaven often repeats itself over and over for our benefit and recognition. It could be advice or seeing future events as an imagined scene in our mind’s eye or received during a dream while we sleep. Heaven is very creative in how it sends you advice, its patience and love for you is unlimited. So if at first you don’t receive it, it will keep on giving you advice on the very next step you are about to take.

Information from you guidance is always loving, positive and often comes out of the blue i.e. not connected to a thought-stream; it most often comes in moments when your mind is quiet and relaxed. I many times get in intuitive idea when I am outside in nature while gardening. It may or may not be close to when you have asked a question, it comes when it comes. Sometimes it needs you to be relaxed enough to allow heavens thought stream a free flow into your consciousness. Mediation also assists this process allowing your mind to be relaxed and open enough to receive higher guidance.

Usually we are only given information on a need-to-know basis. That is, you won’t be given your whole future in a vision, but as snippets that are there to inform and guide you to your very next step. This is off course in partnership with your higher-self, you are only given information that:

  1. You ask for and
  2. That you can handle in the greater scheme of things. Too much future information could be confusing and daunting.

One must be sensitive oneself to getting these information broadcasts because they can indeed come in any form. The whole earth is conscious, everything we see and work with and everyone in it is a part of God so don’t be surprised if your information comes from any source that heaven deems worthy.

Keep an open mind, these ideas, intuitions and signs can be subtle and you need to pay attention when you get one. However once you start practicing and noticing and trusting that you will get an answer, you will. Whether or not you can comprehend or hear the message is inevitably up to you, but your answers, ideas and advice is always sent no matter what. We designed it this way before we incarnated down to earth. We would not send ourselves down without a great deal of heal at hand and help is what we get.

Not all your thoughts are your own

We need to slow down and tune our awareness inwards to really hear and comprehend our personal messages. Not all the thoughts you think are your own thoughts. Sometimes we psychically pick up on others people’s thoughts and feelings, group thoughts and the rest is our mind thoughts, mixed with guidance. Our guidance can be separated apart from normal thoughts by

  1. Becoming aware what thoughts are moving through your mind
  2. Noticing recurring thoughts or images that appear out of the blue i.e. not connected to a steam of your own thoughts.

Once your guidance system knows you are paying attention and are starting to use their assistance, your intuition tends to increase in frequency and in usefulness. Advice is usually kept on a next-step basis. What is the next step you can take in your journey so you don’t jump ahead of yourself or anxious about the journey ahead that you have to make?

These intuitive thoughts flashes and warning feelings can even be about simple things. I have a friend for example who knows how the end result of making a cake will turn out to be once she starts making one. Mine isn’t quite so detailed but I do get little warning thought promptings that help steer me on the right course. Whether I decide to use it is another thing again!

I was in a shop only last week when these knitting bags that I had my eye on, were on the half price table. I decided to buy one and chose one with a pretty pattern and then subtly I got a thought ‘zipper’,’ check the zipper’ thought. These bags were all sealed in wrapping, so I couldn’t inspect the zips before purchase. However I ignored the little intuitive thought, thinking I was only imagining it. (How else does the intuition work if not through our imagination?). I picked up the same bag, brought it home and unpacked it and surprise, surprise, the zipper, wouldn’t open, not a centimeter, it was completely jammed shut. If only I had paid more attention to that micro-thought in the shop I would have picked up another bag instead and had a bag to use that night. Now instead I have to wait until we can again go to that store to return it (it is not close to where we live). So it really pays not only in dollar terms but in convenience to think again when you get a small clear thought or image in your mind out of the blue, it could just be your guidance.

Keeping your mind quiet, calm and receptive

One is most likely get these intuitions when one’s mind is quiet and calm, preferably happy or happily present in an activity you are involved with. I tend to get a lot of intuitions when I am out gardening happily taking in nature when my mind is peaceful and receptive.  Inspirations also sometimes occur in the shower or even while driving. When you use your mind to live mostly in the present moment, neither ruminating on the past nor being anxious about the future, you are the most open to flashes of inspiration. You are vibrating at a higher level and are able to pick-up on the higher vibrations of your guides and angels more easily.


Being present with a quiet mindfulness; that is being fully involved in whatever task you are doing at hand be it knitting, cooking, cleaning, exercising, it matters not what you are doing, so much as the way that you do it. Thinking about your exercise when you are exercising, thinking about the dishes when you are doing the dishes, keeping your mind in the present moment as much as possible is the most powerful place for you to be. Fully enjoying the process of doing what you are doing in the now, the present moment.

If you are doing it joyfully, this is even better; a joyful, mindful is an exalted state, which attracts many good things to you in your life. When you are following your joy daily; something that gives you pleasure and satisfaction and at the same time feeling the joy as you are doing it and appreciating the act for what it is. In this state you are highly receptive to your internal advice and in many ways are vibrating at a frequency closer to heaven so it makes it easier to recover heavenly messages. When you are happy or fully present in the present moment while you are doing what you are doing, driving, gardening, woodworking, you are maintaining a still presence which brings many blessings. It ain’t what you do but the way that you do it and how present you are when you do it! If you are open and receptive you will soon start noticing your intuitive advice. If you are closed and skeptical you are just making life hard for yourself.

Exercising our psychic muscles

Some hunches come in the form of feelings, it depends in which form of intuition your psychic talents are better at. A few days ago I pulled out my car form a parallel parking space; I looked into the mirror as I was getting the car into gear. I looked into the shop windows to see if there was any traffic coming from the lane I was about to back into, there wasn’t, so I started inching out into the road. However I had a strong feeling like there was something behind me, I turned my head just behind me even though I had already checked my rear-view mirror, and there was a car stopped just to my right waiting for another car to pull out. It was not my primary senses that picked up on this first. i.e. My eyes or ears it was my feelings, my psychic sense that helped me feel there was something behind me and it was a strong feeling. As we become used to detecting ad trusting our intuitions and feelings we exercise our psychic muscles, so-to-speak and we become more intuitive. We find we become less and less reliant solely on external advice and guidance from the outside world and more and more used to checking our feelings first as a way to navigate life that is highly trustworthy.

Our guidance can see the future and the whole broader picture and other people’s possible future realities and can give us advice that sometimes seems illogical or left-of-centre but is the correct advice for you and will always be the best advice you can follow. It will lead you to happiness, success, wealth and all manner of nice things and it is all ours for the taking.

Feelings – be a warrior of the heart

Your feelings are always a trustworthy thing to follow.

                                Your feelings are the sounding-board of your soul.

Now here I am not talking about your emotions which are a separate thing entirely. Here I am talking about; do you feel like a bowl of cornflakes now or just an apple? Do I feeling going out to dinner tonight? Does it feel like trustworthy information you are being told? When you ask yourself your feelings, or more precisely you feel your feelings these are messages straight from your heart which is connected to your God-self, and as such can be trusted.

Your heart never lies

Your heart is your true gauge as to the best way to go on any issue. Those people that constantly ignore their feelings are often not very happy individuals because they don’t love and trust themselves enough to listen inside first and do what they really want to do. You deserve to do what you want to do, what your heart tells you is true to your needs in any given situation. It may be contrary to what society wants you to do or what other people think you should do, but your heart never lies. It is this true soul-gauge that we must learn to attune ourselves to on a daily basis.

                                                     Your heart knows.

Ask yourself how do I feel about this situation? Do I feel like going ahead with a decision or do I feel like holding back for a while? When you ask yourself how you feel about a situation or thing, you quite often get a surprising response contrary to what your brain has been rattling on about or other people have been saying or wanting you to do. We have to be warriors of the heart, we are being guided to follow our hearts more, this is one of the best ways to bring more peace, love and joy into the world, not only yours but other people’s as well. As you start to follow your own soul-promptings you tacitly give other people permission to follow their own hearts. Listen to that small quiet voice of your heart, it will always steer you on your own true course. What is the best decision for you always turns out to be the best decision for others even if at the time it doesn’t seem to be. The universe works in many wonderful ways and things are often not at first what they seem to be.

– Sarah Rajkotwala writer and spiritual teacher

`*•✿¸.• •`*•✿¸.• •*¨`*•✿¸.•✿*¨`*•✿¸.*•-:¦:-*~ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ*~ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ

Words and photo by Sarah Rajkotwala – writer & spiritual teacher at Love In Action and Petals & Buds Spiritual Teaching and Nature Classes — at Petals & Buds

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  1. Before going to bed, you should spend time praying and asking for help from angels and spirit guides.

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    1. Sarah Rajkotwala - writer & spiritual teacher says:

      A great idea to allow more heavenly guidance ❤


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