Very excited to show you the new cover for my book!

Very excited to show you the new cover for my book! I thought I’d update it and make it more dramatic and descriptive to its contents than the old cover. Which I felt may have looked more like gardening book rather than a fairy book.

I had a lot of fun updating the look of my book! I even designed the back cover myself (although the front cover is professionally designed) from a lovely photo of the trees in my front garden.

I do enjoy designing anything, playing with colour and forms. Any chance to get let out the inner artist within is always fun and I never know quite what I will end up with, always an exciting journey!

If you are not yet acquainted with my book here is a short synopsis and a few of the lovely reviews that have been written about it.

Much love Sarah
The Year Of Talking To Plants
The plants and fairies talk in their own words
Authored by Sarah Rajkotwala
What would you do if you could talk to the plants? What would you say to them? What would they say to you? Author Sarah Rajkotwala describes her first year of talking telepathically to her garden and then later on to a fairy and takes us on a journey into the mysterious and joyful world of the fairy realm.
Learn all about fairies and how communicating with nature can improve your gardening, wellbeing and wisdom. Learn about what they think of our gardens. An exciting read for all those curious about the spiritual side of nature.
– Learn fairy wisdom
– Discover how the power of love can be used in your garden for all of our benefit
– Find out about the different energies of plants and how they can be used for peace, healing etc
– Read dialog straight from the fairies themselves
– Learn about how Mother Earth knows each and every one of us and gives us gifts
– What is a wise plant? Do fairies live in houses? Do they sleep? Learn all sorts of fascinating fairy facts!
There is a fairy at the bottom of the garden, and it loves you so.
Some Reviews for this book:
by Eileen – A Deeper Connection to Nature :
“Does Nature have a Consciousness? Is there unseen life around us?
With all that we are finding out about our world, how can one possibly think that all of what you see is all there is to see? As we speak, scientists are delving into concepts and realities that were science fiction years ago. Yes, even science is delving into the realm of alternate realities and dimensions along side ours.
I also believe there are people, like the author, who are able to connect to that world that lives with us. Her book not only helps to answer that questions but helps you connect with Nature on a deeper level.
I recommend this if you would like that kind of connection. Insightful and at times poignant, it will galvanize those already awakened to the call to become earth activists, and will awaken people new to this world to be a better steward of the earth.
I do believe is that there is a greater consciousness and individual awareness living within our unseen Natural world that we don’t yet fully understand. I found the conversations with nature’s consciousness in this book to be clear and understandable by everyone.
Strongly connecting with the spirit of Nature is a rewarding and enriching experience. If you are someone who cares deeply about nature and the environment or deepen your connection to our natural world in a new way, you will enjoy this book.”
by Renae A Sauter – This book is truly amazing. Of course we all hear that if we …:
“The Year of Talking to Plants: The plants and fairies talk in their own words This book is truly amazing. Of course we all hear that if we “talk to plants, they will grow” but this book travels to a place I could never have imagined. For me it opens up a whole new world with plants and fairies. I am amazed this Author is able to communicate to this degree!!! I will use this as a guidebook when thinking about plants. I am excited to try my own communication with plants. My hope is this brilliant book becomes mainstream and opens up a whole new world like its done for me. WELL DONE SARAH RAJKOTWALA!!!”
by Sunshine Heather –
5.0 out of 5 stars This delightful conversation between Sarah and the plants and fairies …
“This delightful conversation between Sarah and the plants and fairies is both entertaining and informative. It is also brings spirituality, a form of Zen and more lessons from Nature and the Fairies. I have always believed in fairies and the consciousness of plants, and whether you do or don’t, this helpful book will bring you more awareness and mindfulness in all you do.”
By Amazon Customer – Very Insightful:
“This book is a good read. As a horticulturist and majored in Environmental Science, I am aware of a lot of issues our environment is facing. I noticed how different I feel between a degraded environment and a well loved garden. You feel uplifted in a lovely garden and feel uneasy and restless in a degraded environment. We need to change our ways of treating our environment. What is better than directly asking nature what it wants? By following the wisdom of plants, we can change to a better way of thinking and treating our Mother Earth instead of destroying it.
There are a lot of insights in this book. For people who are new to channeled messages, they might question the authentic quality of the message or skeptical about the possibility of talking to plants. In my opinion, we do not need to accept everything written in a book as the truth but have an open mind and gain insights from it. Some messages in this book I had already known or read from somewhere else, but it is nice to have confirmation from nature. Some messages are new to me and are eye-opening. It is really nice to know that fairies exist and you can be in touch with them. This and other insights will shift your perception on how you view nature and your surrounding environment. Everybody will find something interesting in this book and gain more insights and wisdom.
It is a time of change and awakening. This book will help humanity adopt to new thinking, unlock more potentials and realize that this is a loving world indeed. If everybody can become more aware of the consciousness of our Mother Earth and connected to her, we will be loving our environment instead of destroying it. For things to change in the outside, one must change one’s mind about the world from the inside.
I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in gardening and spirituality.”
by Jill :
“I really loved this book. Totally fascinating and kept me turning the pages! I read it very slowly because it was full of wisdom that really resonated with me. I intend to read it again in a few months after I’ve had some time to ponder what I read the first time around. A very unique book. I enjoyed it front to back. Full of timely and relevant information for Humanity. Love, love, love! “
by Amazon Customer – Fungal networks that connect trees (a bit like an internet system)
“I thought I would write a quick review on the book I just finished reading, “The year of talking to plants” by Sarah Rajkotwala.
Prior to reading this I had quite recently read various different news articles, including Forest Bathing in Japan, Fungal networks that connect trees (a bit like an internet system), also how 50% of Icelanders believe in Fairies/Elves, and articles on the amazing psychic abilities some individuals seem to have. I also really love gardening and in garden relaxation. So this book piqued my interest.
Instead of reading the book with the focus on trying to work out if I believed in fairies/angels etc or not, I just decided to read the book with a completely open mind and heart, and listen to what the author was saying.
It turns out I totally loved this book. I read it over a few weeks kept by my bedside. The author has written with an easy-going style that oozes with her love for gardens and genuine love and caring for all mankind, plant and animal kind and the earth.
If asked, I would have previously described myself as quite an appreciative person regarding everyone and everything in my life, but after reading this book I have become so very much more aware, grateful and thankful realizing just how much I had taken for granted and overlooked before.
I don’t want to spoil the book by saying too much, but if you are going to get the most out of it, then do read it to the end. There are hidden gems, ideas that perhaps you may never have heard of. I think this book has been written way ahead of its time, and people will be looking back wondering why some things were never implemented in society sooner.
Many Thanks to the Author.”

♥`*•✿¸.• •♥`*•✿¸.• •*¨`*•✿¸.•✿*¨`*•✿¸.*•-:¦:-*~ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ*~ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ
Words and photo by Sarah Rajkotwala – writer & spiritual teacher at @Love In Action and Petals & Buds Spiritual Teaching and Nature Classes
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