When Life Takes a Break for a Moment you Have a Golden Opportunity To Take Stock of Your Life

We have all been affected one way or the other right around the world by the covid crisis. It has been a stressful situation for many, some losing jobs, some working from home, some being completely isolated from their community and usual way of life style, and its joys and routines, which can be stressful in itself.
We have all seen the downside of it all, but can there be upsides to the situation? I suspect many people who have been so busy with their daily routines have had a lot of time to review their life one way or the other. Daily routines can be a comfort and sometimes they can be a means of avoidance too! With all this time to think about your life, do you like what you see? If not there presents a golden opportunity to change it for the better! It may be just a few tweeks to your routine that are needed. Or it might be a whole life change or overhaul is way overdue and this pause in business, has given you time to reflect and to rethink and added impetus to change what is not in your or your families best interest anymore.
We all need to review our life routines from time to time. Sometime we get stuck in ruts, that may be pleasant, but are they serving you or your soul purpose long term? Thinking and reflecting time is best done in the quiet without other people being around you all the time, so that you can properly hear your own inner voice and intuition. Preferably out in nature where the call of your higher self and spirit is better heard. This golden thinking and refection time is best not done when you are at work, or racing the children to sport, as you mind is occupied with other tasks. But a little golden quiet time away from the noise and input of other voices and opinions, can be all that is needed, to properly hear what your own opinion and intuition and angels voices are on an important issue or many issues in your life.
Is the current amount you work too much? Do you need to redress the imbalance and go part time so that you can spend more time with family and tend you your own needs and loves? Can you actually work from home long term, would this be better for your family? What work-life balance issue needs redressing in your life? Can you teach the children from home, would this be better for you as a family? when you are not racing off to work chasing the dollar, you have time to think about what is important to you. what are your own personal life ambitions? Is there something that you always wanted to do in your life that you have been putting off?
Have you has a sudden flash of inspiration that feels right or good? This could be a bright idea from your guides and angels. Is this a practical idea for a positive life change for you?
All this down time for civilisation has also had positive environmental impacts. The wild life has come back to many heavily populated holiday spots. Pollution has completely stopped in areas like India and China where the constant relying on petroleum fuels has polluted the air of many major cities, reducing the cleanliness of the air that is breathed there? Can we as a civilization move more swiftly to more greener ways of transport? Can we also power our cities in a greener cleaner way? Can we go to the shops less and instead use mail order or home delivery for some things? Can we walk more or use a push bike to our small local shops more? Can we move closer to our work or choose a job that has a smaller commute? Can we run a business entirely from home? Can we cook at home more and use take-out less?
This time in isolation had is hard issues but if you look at every situation there is the golden gem of a solution that is waiting to be found. What are the gifts in your life that are waiting to be realised? What golden nugget of wisdom is waiting for you to notice it?
Much Love Sarah xx

P.S. You can learn more about the value of quiet time in my new spiritual and part autobiographical book “Fairy Sparkles”.

Words & photos by Sarah Rajkotwala spiritual author & teacher ✿¸.• •.*•-:¦:–*~ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ*~ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐ ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

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