What is Happening to the Weather?..Its all About the Love.

What is Happening to the Weather?..It’s all About the Love.

Extreme weathers of all sorts are upon us and have been here for a few years and will still be here in a few more in this transitional time. There is consciousness and love and caring all around us. Do not be frightened, we are at a pivotal stage in history. This will not be a permanent situation but rather a temporary weather pattern .

We are all ascending…that is we are moving to a higher vibrational plane while still in our current incarnation. This process is happening automatically, for us, but we all will be making many adjustments to our lives instinctively making sure we are living an authentic and valid life according to the lessons and reasons that we incarnated here to learn, to experience and to enjoy this life.

However in order for all this love to happen on a personal and a societal level, we need and our earth needs a great cleansing. This Mother earth and her and angels do automatically with an greatest reverence for us and our current lives we are living, but first everything needs a clean. The decks need to be cleaned to make way for a bright new Golden Love Age.

How does mother earth do this? She cleans with water of course, lots and lots of water! This is the preferred methods of cleaning areas with a lot of human activity and negativity, like big cites and war grounds will be most hit with water by way of storms and floods.

This is where the most human interactions have taken place and they leave ever so subtle energy footprints on the land for others to sense and sometimes to replay. So it makes sense to clear the decks every so often and particular in the making of a new civilization which we are in the process of making (and will be based on love, caring and compassion).

So a gentle flooding will be required to flood great areas of the land where there have been a lot of human activity. Where that can’t be brought about fire and also earthquakes and wind are used as a method of clearing the energy too. You will notice that unlike times gone by in history these will result in very little loss of life. The exercise here is not to remove people from their current incarnation and lives but to keep them in it but operating at higher love vibration.

So hold on tight, hold on to you faith, use you intuition (via your feelings) to let you know if there needs to be an evacuation or a new move to a new abode. Houses may be damaged but our civilization will remain and we will all benefit form the higher love vibrations that humanity will be able to access and feel as a whole.

This is an exciting time, of change but one of great hope and also of great love! Keep safe & well.

Much love Sarah

Words & photos by Sarah Rajkotwala spiritual author & teacher ✿¸.• •.*•-:¦:–*~ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐღ*~ღஐƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒஐ

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