Use Your Intuition in Regards to Taking the Covid Vaccine

While in general I am for the good main vaccines for the big diseases that have almost been wiped off the earth like cow pox etc, ones that have been properly tested and trialed over many years. I am not for indiscriminate vaccination for minor diseases, where they have not been properly tested over the course of many years. You don’t know how they will react in the body and with other vaccines etc.

My psychic sources (ie the Kryon channelings) have said there will be an issue with having bulk vaccines of lots of extra diseases added to the blocks of vaccinations. Long after covid (or other diseases) will have disappeared naturally from the earth, the vaccines may keep on causing medical problems in the humans who took it, so sensible avoidance may be called for here, use you intuition to gauge whether it is right for you or not. Some people have no choice but to take it because of their jobs, so bless it and say it only does good in your body and what is not needed is eliminated.

Now I do not blame the governments for doing the best that they know how to protect their populations. They are not to blame as such. But a hastily prepared vaccine, produced in a panic and barely even tested on humans vaccine is not one I would have taken anyway!

This disease is here for a higher Divine purpose. It is to put a full stop and a pause on the whole of civilization and all of our lives so that we can let our intuition kick-in to guide us on what is the next highest best course would be for our lives. In the way that a sacking from a job can hold secret blessings, by disrupting your normal life dailies so that you have the time and the space to properly look at your life in the clear light of day.

Once the whole of society has had a time off to put their life on pause (like a Divine Society Reset Button) the disease will have done its job and it will disappear from earth.

Watch as the new earth that arises from this Divine pause in action, will be better in so many ways and will move more towards love, kindness, caring and harmony in all aspects of society.

We are all in contact with the Divine, but in the noise and busyness of the daily life your intuition can be hard to hear. So that is why although inconvenient and very sad for those who lost loved ones, the giant pause in society will result in many hearing their intuition loud and clear for the first time in a while, and that is a Divine Blessing!

So here I am asking you to stop and to listen to your own intuition in regards to taking the covid vaccine. You will probably find, that I have when I applied my intuition to the issue, that it is probably something best avoided.

It is far better to let the covid emergency put an gentle pause on your life for you to asses your life’s priorities. Wash your hands, use sanitizer, work at home ( if you can), avoid public gatherings for the time being until this is all over and, it will eventually be over. Covid is not a forever disease on this earth, it is just a temporary pause in action for theses few years, and then it will be gone.

Sending you much love and blessings. Sarah xx

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  1. J J says:

    I agree. I have not had a good intuitive feeling about taking a rushed vaccine.  Jill Ja 


    1. Sarah Rajkotwala - writer & spiritual teacher says:

      Yeah, I know they are trying to do the right thing. Theses things should all go through the proper checks and balances. I think it is far better to socially distance and use masks etc. ❤ I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas Jill! ❤ xx


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