Fabulous New Book Review for my Book ‘The Year of Talking to Plants’

By Pauline Reid Book Reviewer – October 18 2021

Ever played that game when you were a child where you guessed what your best friend was thinking and she told you, you were right? Well, this is what I thought of when I read this particular book. Telepathy. Apparently everyone has it to some degree. In this book, the author uses a similar method to communicate with nature. The author asks a direct question and she gets answers back.
Points of interest
– Gum Trees – I noticed the author directed her question to them specifically.
– Tasmania – very interesting page on Tasmania and that it is a sacred healing place.
– the garden and what’s in it brings love and joy.
– the lemon trees washing paste recipe is the exact recipe that my Nana used for washing wollen jerseys.
– Time, what is time, we are governed by it, aren’t we? there was a whole section on this and I pulled this quote up, as it resonated with me.
“Soul time is just following one’s instincts and urges to do what one does throughout the day, without looking at the clock.”
This was quite some book to read, thoughtful, with quite alot of info in it, it’s the type of book that you get more out of it by picking it up now and again and reading a little, and this is exactly what I did, as I wanted to consume carefully and ponder over it to quite a degree. This book did not just follow plants and flowers, discussed also, is, the moon phases, sun set, sun rise and a few other things that nature lovers would like to know answers about.
I’m giving this 5 stars, it’s a very facinating awe inspiring book, which made me more aware of my surroundings, this is not an airey fairy book filled with goobledy goop, but more of a spiritual insight of nature. So in saying that I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is spiritual, who cares for nature, who quizzes the wonders of the world and anyone who is full of gratitude of anything related to nature.

Pauline Reid – Book Reviewer

Thanks so much Pauline! xx

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