Sensational Salvias – Six on Saturday 23/4/22

I have quite few salvia varieties in my South Australian garden. They seem to suit out temperate climate and still survive after drought conditions. Here are some I have in my garden at the moment and are real toughies! They are surprising beautiful, and some you really need to get up close to fully appreciate their delicate looking lipped blooms. The varieties I have in my garden mostly come originally from countries such as South Africa and Mexico with a similar Mediterranean climate to mine. As You can see they come in every colour under the rainbow.

Salvia Mexicanus fairy what is the energy of salvias?

Salvias have the energetic signature of survival in tough times, they have strength and resilience that enables them to survive both heat and flood conditions. They are the real survivors of the flower world.”

Thanks very much.

Salvia Bee Happy

Salvia chamaedryoides hard to spell but easy to grow and supremely drought hardy!

The statuesque Salvia Canariensis – This beauty is about 1.5 metres tall and can survive in my garden on no additional water!
Salvia ‘Christine Yeo’ is a very nice shade of purple and is another one that can survive on no water!

I hope you enjoyed these little beauties!

 The founder Mr Propagator’s post is  here , We’ll see if he’s nice enough to put it on this week, or delete it like he did in the previous 2 Six on Saturday posts from me on his page!

Happy gardening! ❤

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  1. Rosie Amber says:

    I love all of your salvia’s and it is interesting about them being great survivors. I only have the one variety at the moment Salvia Microphylla Trewithen – a red one. I bought them last year and have successfully taken cuttings which I have just planted out. The parent plants look like they survived the winter. I found out recently that if you plant them near roses, they help fend off back spot (I think). What a great six – keep posting them.

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    1. Sarah Rajkotwala - Author & Spiritual Teacher says:

      That sounds great. It is very thrifty of you taking cuttings of your new plants, I do that too to spead the joy and fill the garden cheaply. Salvias are excellent companions to roses, I think they may dissuade aphids with their Herbal scent. 🙂🌼🌸

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  2. Pádraig says:

    Oh, that’s great to know about roses! My salvias are in pots so I can place them near the roses. Thanks for the tip.
    I bought Hot lips a few years ago at a garden stall. The guy said I should buy it for my wife. Later, my wife passed by and he mentioned to her that it’d be good to buy this for her hubby. 😁

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    1. Sarah Rajkotwala - Author & Spiritual Teacher says:

      You are welcome 💮🌼 Ha ha, love Salvia Hot Lips she is quite a tough little grower too!

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