Hope Broadcast – We can Change Everything Because we Have God Inside

It may seem funny that we as little pieces of God think that we are powerless to change things and our life, from God’s perspective. But this is far from the truth. We are all immensely powerful and have the power to change everything all the time.

We change someone’s day by being cheerful or sending them love or by offering a different life perspective. We can be a well of hope when people around them or the negative news media (turn it off) offer the opposite. By dwelling on your problems or other people’s you add energy to the problem instead of the solution.

Instead use your highly powerfully magnetic feelings of joy, happiness and faith to draw to you the things that you visualise.

We communicate with God /the Universe via our imagination and mind images. So to give God a little image or movie of your best case scenario wish and do this while you are feeling Joyful. It can be as simple as imagining yourself healthy, or the world being at peace. In this way you create your life with God using Gods/the Universes language of creation.

Much love 🌸💞


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