Thought for the day : Forgiveness is just another form of love

Forgiveness is just another form of love. Love comes in many forms and forgiveness is one of them. From the realm of spirit all is not what it seems here on earth. There are lessons, there is karma, there are many reason why something is happening. Sometimes something negative happens to bring you closer to love….

Thought for the day: Forgiveness is Love’s Ambassador

Forgiveness is love’s ambassador. Forgive easily and often and spread the blessings of love wherever you go. The blessings of forgiveness flow to you, the others involved and out into the world to bless everyone it touches. – Sarah Rajkotwala spiritual writer and teacher ♥`*•✿¸.• •♥`*•✿¸.• •*¨`*•✿¸.• •✿*¨`*•✿¸.• •✿• •✿• •✿        …