Six on Saturday – Second Spring 22🌸4🌸23

We have had a gently warm week and quite excellent gardening weather, you can comfortably garden in all day. I have a couple of gardening sessions in the morning and the evenings. I have been busily beavering away in the garden, planting cutting grown perennials and shrubs like lavender and rock roses. Then taking more…

The Roses Have Started Flowering Again

Happy Easter loves! 🌸💞🐇 The roses have made an appearance in my garden now the temperatures have cooled in our Australian autumn. Thanks for visiting. 🌸

Summer Sun Lovers ☀️

In the middle of a quite cool for us summer, I’m glad to say. It has been dry though. I’m still dead- heading all the flower heads from my excessively lovely spring. Using them as more garden mulch. These are flowers that love to bloom in my summer garden. Much love. 😘💞🌸⚘🧚‍♀️

Dewdrops and Roses and Rainbows and Kittens…

Yes a few of my favourite things have started flowering this spring in my garden. The roses, and poppies have joined the daisy spectacular! 😘💞⚘🌸💮🌼 Thanks for visiting. 😘💞🌸🌼⚘

Albertine & Bonica roses in my garden

We have had a bumper year for rain here in Southern Australia and my old roses flowered so beautifully and bountifully this year. It has been a parade of loveliness each week another variety starts to bloom and celebrate the beauty of life in a way that only roses know how. Here flowering is the…